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If the items doesn’t suits you we pay back your money 100%

Here are Some of our product with the avilable and affordable prices below


Ounce= $300

Quater pound=550

Half pound=750

pound= $1500


Ounce= $280

Quater pound=530

Half pound=750

pound= $1475



Ounce= $270

Quater pound=580

Half pound=738

pound= $1510


Ounce= $205

Quater pound=530

Half pound=700

pound= $1400


Ounce= $270

Quater pound=565

Half pound=780

pound= $1490


    Ounce= $200

Quater pound=500

Half pound=700

pound= $1400

Cherried Lemon

Ounce= $280

Quater pound=545

Half pound=795

pound= $1600


Ounce= $230

Quater pound=510

Half pound=740

pound= $1430


Ounce= $210

Quater pound=525

Half pound=720

pound= $1400

How Do We Supply Our Customers?

When our client choose their own type of product from our top quality list we then collect hes/her Name Address, contact, and E-mail. we use this information to register a clients package and when registration is done we provide them with a tracking number when we are about to ship the package. this tracking number is sent via E-mail address and enable our humble client to know exactly where their package is at in every point during the shipment process. over three years today we haven’t have not had a delivery problem and that’s a very huge achievement for our organisation. its always about customers fist when we deliver their product which is what they order and safe we keep them forever.


We’re a group of great growers who have decided to come together and produce the marijuana in united testes WHY NOT in the entire world we have the best resources and experience needed to be the best of all times . we provide our customers with the best of quality marijuana which they use for different purposes. We have discovered that there are a lot of trash and low standard strains being sold around cities and states here in US and we have come to realized that people of this grate nation and other parts of the world deserve the best. and the issuer of high prices in some areas have really call for our attention. So our Mission is to produce and distribute the best quality in every domain especially medical and consumption at moderate and affordable prices to everyone in USA and every part of the world


We look forward to change in this business and working really hard for expansion to our business. in the past yeas a lot of our our customers have express to us about what happen to them when they try to purchase a product, how they receive something really heart breaking and and not what they expected, some don’t even receive anything at all so we wanna make sure that we expand as much as much as we can so that we can gain a greater share of the market and we fight to arrive people in those areas will be safe from such illness. we also wanna provide the population (Our customers with moderate and affordable price which even those moving weight in the major street can do that and be able to have enough gain to take care of their families.

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